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Deep Polymers Ltd is engaged in manufacturing of MASTERBATCHES SINCE 1992 AND ANTIFAB FILLER MASTER BATCHES SINCE 2004. It has witnessed phenomenal growth since its inception. Today, the company has production level of Colour Masterbatches 12000 MT and Filler Masterbatches 36000 MT. Over the years it has carved a space in the competitive marketplace. This is a culmination of continuous improvement in quality, innovation and customer focus. The company is led by entrepreneur MR. RAMESHBHAI PATEL. He leads a team of dedicated professionals who have expertise and experience in the industry.

Deep Polymer Ltd is engaged in manufacturing of ALL TYPE OF FILLER MASTERBATCHES INCLUDING FILLER MASTERBATCHES AND ADDITIVE FILLER MASTERBATCHES SINCE 2004. It has witnessed phenomenal growth since its inception. Today the company has product an filler compound masterbatches capacity 36000 MT / Annum.

Our Guiding Light

The Company has reached pinnacles of successes and the credit for the same goes to the founder MR.RAMESH PATEL who has always led us through with his impeccable vision for the Company. His many years of experience and expertise have oiled the grown of the company.
What we believe

Vision and Mission

  • To become a leading player in the industry.
  • To improve competence through innovation and quality.


  • To commit resources and expertise to the service of developing and manufacturing the best products.
  • To Utilize our resources and expertise for manufacturing high quality and ground-breaking products.
  • To focus on solutions of the problems and introduce revolutionary ideas and processes.
  • To solve problems to realise new opportunities and to achieve organizational growth by offering a changing and rewarding work environment to our employees.
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