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Natural Filler - TPFN001

Deep manufactures various grades of antifab-filler, using microparticles of natural, surface-coated, fine, and easy to disperse calcium carbonate and natural-hydrated magnesium silicate talc mineral with special dispersion additives and carrier resins. It acts as a cost reducer, anti-fibrillating agent, anti-slip agent, anti-blocking agent, non-toxic and food-grade approved material. It is specially produced for PP/HDPE woven fabrics & sacks, LDPE/LLDPE/PP lamination, liner, PP/HDPE sheet applications. It has Talc base filler and is specially produced for PP /HDPE woven fabrics and sacks, LDPE/LLDPE/PP lamination, Liner, Monolayer, Multilayer, Disposible Item, Linear Bag etc.