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At Deep Polymers, Deep Masterbatches are compatible with all types of plastic material and also with all kind of processes i.e. injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, rotation moulding, etc. Deep Masterbatches are the trustworthy products of true color technology. Deep Masterbatches series of masterbatches comprise organic and inorganic pigments in polyolefin styrenic, universal carriers, and resins. The selection is based on the requirements of filterability, heat resistance, pigment dispersion, and distribution. Deep Masterbatches can be used in all types of thermoplastic material by using any process. Deep Masterbatches are also available for plastics like filled/reinforced materials, plastic alloys/blends, etc.

We are the prominent suppliers of PP / PE / HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE masterbatches. Our product is very compatible with all types of PP / PE / PET / PC etc Plastic Industries. Mainly applications are in the following products.