Antifog Masterbatch

Formation of “fog” on plastic film or sheet is the result of the condensation of water vapor on the surface of transparent sheet or film.

In case of agricultural and horticultural films the fog can have many determination effects. Reduces light transmission resulted slower growth of crop. Light and heat can be focused on delicate plant tissues with water droplets lenses resulted burning of tissues and spoilage of crop.

Food wrapped or stored in a plastic article usually with high moisture content. When this packaged item is stored in a cool environment, the moisture condenses on the surface causing fog to occur & may impact food spoilage.

The following substances are used as anti-fog agents:

Surfactants that minimize the surface tension of the water.Non-ionic surfactants are used for antifogaddtives.

Detergents such as shampoo, soap, or shaving cream applied as a solution and wiped off without rinsing Hydrophilic coatings that maximize the surface energy:Hydrophilic polymers and hydrogels: GelatinHydrophilic colloids and nanoparticles:Titanium dioxide, becomes highly hydrophilic under UV light.