Slip Masterbatch

Additives which enhances and reduce handling issues in film application as we aware that plastic roll having tendency of tackiness hence cannot readily use in natural state without additive to ease their ability to separate and slide.

The most commonly used slip additives are erucamide (C-22) and oleamide (C- 18).

Oleamide migrates quicker “fast bloorning”. Oleamide is used where a low COF needed in a short period of time, Eucamide will provide films with a lower COF after some time.

lower vapour pressure and volatility, is used in higher temperature processing and it also stays at the surface longer, Slower migration of erucamide can be advantageous in roll stock and on-line corona treatment.

Stearamide is another fatty acid. Used together with erucamide or oleamide to provide an anti-blocking effect when film transparency is very important.